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October 2011

Photo of ginger root

Ginger root shows promise in preventing colon cancer

New evidence suggests that ginger root may prevent the inflammation that is an early sign of colon cancer

27 October, 2011
Photo of praying hands sculpture

Spiritual beliefs benefit those facing chronic illness

A new study shows that religious and spiritual practices can help people cope more successfully with illness

27 October, 2011
Photo of fish oil capsules

Low fat diet plus fish oils can slow prostate cancer growth

You are what you eat; new study shows a low-fat diet with fish oil slows growth of prostate cancer cells

27 October, 2011
Photo of a woman in the child's pose

Yoga’s long-term benefits for chronic back pain

A large US study has shown that participating in regular yoga classes can ease lower back pain

25 October, 2011
Photo of a man with depression

Women influence how men cope with depression

New data suggests the way that couples interact with one another, affects the way men manage their depression

25 October, 2011
Photo of Voltarnen tablets

EU regulator to probe heart risk from painkillers

European regulators are reviewing the health risks of painkillers commonly used to treat chronic pain

25 October, 2011
Photo of a variety of healthy foods

Older women not getting enough vitamin D

Low levels of vitamin D in their daily diets may be increasing women’s risk of health problems later in life

25 October, 2011

Aromatherapy massage causes pollution? Really?!

A small study from Taiwan suggests that aromatherapy massage is a source of harmful pollution. Can they be serious?

21 October, 2011
Photo of a Blackberry Torch

Mobile phone safety – what can we believe?

Two new reports present conflicting views on mobile phone safety, but it’s important to read between the lines

20 October, 2011
Polycarbonate water bottles

BPA banned in France – vive la révolution!

The French government has voted to ban bisphenol A (BPA) in all materials that come into contact with food from 2014

18 October, 2011