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December 2011

Photo of feet in socks

Antibacterial clothing – a fashionable threat to human health

Antibacterial chemicals used to control odour in socks, shoes and children’s clothes are hormone disrupting and toxic to the environment – don’t buy them!

29 December, 2011
Photo of a grandmother

Junk food diet raises risk of Alzheimer’s in the elderly

New research shows that a junk food diet can produce the kind of brain shrinkage typical of Alzheimer’s disease

29 December, 2011
Photo of evening trafic

Do bad times promote good health?

It’s an ill wind…researchers find that toxic pollution levels drop as employment – and commuting/shipping – drops too

27 December, 2011
Photo of abottle of olive oil

Olive oil and fish in the diet benefits acute pancreatitis

Two mainstays of the celebrated Mediterranean diet – fish and olive oil – may have a role to play in preventing pancreatitis

27 December, 2011
Photo of lemon verbena

Lemon verbena and omega-3 combo relieves joint pain

A combination of lemon verbena and omega-3 fatty acids has been shown to significantly relieve joint pain in women

23 December, 2011
Photo of Leishmani donovani

Drug treatment makes parasite more adaptable
and virulent

Bombarding a tropical parasite with drugs has not only made it more resistant to medicine, it’s made it more lethal as well

23 December, 2011
Photo of corn leaf

Pathogen ‘new to science’ found in GM crops – what does it mean?

A US scientist says a newly discovered genetically modified pathogen could cause the collapse of soya and corn crops

21 December, 2011
Photo of sugar

Too much sugar means too many wrinkles

Bad news for those with a sweet tooth; new data shows that too much sugar in the diet causes our skin to age prematurely

20 December, 2011
Photo of children playing in the sun

Natural, anthroposophic lifestyle means fewer allergies in children

New research confirms that children raised according to anthroposophical values of natural health have fewer allergies

15 December, 2011
Photo of a teenage girl looking out the window

Chronic pain syndromes in adolescents on the rise

A new 20-year study has shown that our children are increasingly suffering from chronic pain syndromes – and that doctors are poorly equipped to help

15 December, 2011