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How to get back on the ‘road not taken’

Our most enduring regrets – and the thing that most often holds us back – stem from a perceived failure to live up to our ideal selves, according to new research. Let it go!

30 May, 2018

Vitamin B6 could aid dream recall

Taking vitamin B6 before bedtime could help you remember your dreams better – but just how it works is still something of a mystery.

1 May, 2018

Panic attacks? Schedule therapy in the morning

By taking advantage of two natural occurrences – our cortisol levels and time of day – therapists and patients can make better progress in overcoming fears and anxiety.

7 October, 2016

Looking for answers? Trust your ‘aha!’ moments

Sudden insights can produce more successful solutions to tough problems than using gradual, methodical thinking – so keep listening to your “aha!” moments.

9 March, 2016

We are less spiritual at work, study shows

An 18-month US study has found that spiritual awareness fluctuates throughout the day and being at work makes many of us lose sight of our spiritual selves.

24 August, 2015
photo of a woman with insomnia

One hour of therapy to cure insomnia?

No drugs needed. A one hour session of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) was found to cure 73% of insomniacs who participated

3 June, 2015
photo of a filing cabinet labelled humility

Cultivating humility – beyond lack of pridefulness

True humility, say social scientists, has an intellectual component that encompasses traits like curiosity, awareness and a love of learning

22 December, 2014
photo of a woman crying

Why sadness is so hard to get over

Long-lasting emotions like sadness tend to be caused by events that have strong implications for a person’s life – making it much harder to ‘get over it’, psychologists say

16 November, 2014
photo of an older woman sleeping

Treating insomnia reduces inflammation & chronic disease risk

Drug-free therapy has been shown to beat insomnia and lower rates of chronic inflammation, which can lead to hypertension, diabetes, heart disease.

24 September, 2014
Photo of stones with words written on them

Want to forgive? Learn to forget

Research has shown that a willingness to forgive is an important coping strategy that can help us forget unhappy experiences

20 May, 2014