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August 2011

Photo of a bowl of chips

College students not eating enough fruit and veg

Study shows the majority of first year college students aren’t even eating one portion of their recommended 5-a-day

18 August, 2011
Photo of Valor prunes on a tree

Eating dried plums boosts bone health

Eating dried plums could help increase bone density and boost bone health in post-menopausal women

17 August, 2011
Photo of a sundial

Too little vitamin D linked to early menstruation

Young girls whose vitamin D levels are low, either through diet or lack of sun, begin menstuating earlier than others

11 August, 2011
Photo of British pound notes

Paper money a sneaky source of toxic BPA

Paper money can be a source of the chemical BPA, linked to early puberty in boys and early menstruation in girls

10 August, 2011
Photo of an angry woman

Persistent bitterness can lead to illness

Science reveals another mind-body link; feeling constantly bitter and angry can leave us more vulnerable to illness

9 August, 2011
Photo of a dog and a cat

Prenatal pet exposure, delivery mode, race link to early allergy risk

The combination of pre-natal pet exposure, mode of delivery and race are key to the risk of a child developing allergies

8 August, 2011
Photo of caged chickens

New strain of drug-resistant salmonella identified

A new drug-resistant strain of salmonella has been identified in chickens and turkeys from North Africa

2 August, 2011
A bowl of dried fruit

Cooked green vegetables, dried fruit, legumes, and brown rice protect the gut

Colon cancer risk is cut by a diet high in legumes, brown rice, cooked green vegetables and dried fruit

2 August, 2011
A group of mobile phones

An alternative view of mobile phone safety

Award-winning scientist warns of the health risks of mobile phones for people of all ages, and advises on ways to minimise radiation

1 August, 2011
Photo of Senna plant

Colon cleansing has no benefit but many side effects

Colon cleansing poses health risks; try keeping a balanced diet and getting a good amount of sleep instead

1 August, 2011