Graphic of Seeds type


 ‘I like to work at my own pace; life’s too short to stress out.’


You are a Seed. Seeds people are:

Caring – nurturing – sympathetic – understanding – patient – cautious – reliable – loving – tolerant – loyal – empathetic

As a seeds type you’re someone that people gladly warm to. Your easy going nature allows you to rise above petty squabbles and you tend to remain untouched by the behaviour of those around you.

Your ‘life’s too short’ attitude is something that others envy, as is your ability to maintain your composure and excellent sense of humour when times get tough as well as when the world goes sailing by. Maintaining close and cordial relationships with friends and family is of tremendous importance to you.

You love to provide for others; the feeling of welcoming everyone around your table to eat a wonderful meal that you’ve prepared is one of great joy and comfort to you. When confronted by setbacks you’re able to easily adjust your expectations by having the ability to realistically assess your progress and then take a different approach if needed.

In life you’ve found that happiness lies in not wishing for the moon, so your expectations are never wildly out of reach nor overly ambitious, however this tendency to settle rather than strive may make others see you as unambitious or lazy.

You feel that the best way to achieve your modest goals is by working at your own pace and whereas many view you as sluggish, like the tortoise in the old tale, although it takes time you will usually persevere until you get there.

These warm and nurturing qualities all work wonderfully not just for you but for others around you too, until you feel begin to feel uncomfortably stressed with too many responsibilities in life and too much to deal with. That’s when you retreat into your dormant seed state. Under pressure you have a tendency to become unfocused and idle, instead of attacking issues as they arise, they pile up.

If not challenged you can become directionless, your ‘path of least resistance’ approach to life may keep you stress free but at what price?

Your desire to remain cautious can often mean that you go out of your way to avoid risk altogether which can leave others seeing you as plodding. All too often you go into a hibernation state under pressure and you comfort eat and over-indulge in the sugary high carbohydrate foods that you love.

In moments of high stress you can become over emotional and others feel that you can over indulge in sentimentality.

It can be difficult for a seeds type to propel themselves into action. Inertia is often their default setting, so lack of exercise can be a key concern. Seeds also have a love of high carbohydrate foods, which they often have a tendency to over-indulge in, add that to the lack of daily exercise and unless addressed with changes in both, this could lead to weight issues.

Seeds types may have the tendency to retain water and for women; period pains with mood swings and other problems associated with monthly cycles can be something that they experience all too often.

The nose, throat and chest may be areas of weakness for seeds people.

Aromatherapy isn’t just about relaxing, that’s the last thing that you need as a seeds type! Essential oils can also be a powerful tool to kick start the mind and body. Oils such as black pepper, juniper, coriander and lemon are all cleansing and detoxing oils.

Harness the healing power of herbs to assist your body in finding its way back to optimum efficiency. Herbs like elderflower, dandelion and fennel are all known cleansing, aromatic herbs.

You may unlock great stores of untapped potential by experiencing a re-balancing therapy like shiatsu. Even a short treatment can leave your body zinging with energy and its healing effects will be felt for days afterwards.

Finally, the most important steps that you can take as a seeds type is towards a more physical and less sedentary lifestyle. Balance can be found in exerting yourself which will unlock all that potential that’s just waiting inside you. Don’t be afraid! You don’t have to sign up for punishing gym sessions! What you do need to do is discover what form of exercise fills you with joy and leaves you anticipating the next session.


  • Description excerpted from the booklet Understanding Vitality by Susan Curtis.