Graphic of Shoots type


‘I love a mission and usually know exactly what I want.’


You are a shoot. Shoots people are:

Energetic –  outgoing –  active –  assertive – confident – determined –  dynamic – independent – optimistic –  leaders – competitive – sporty

Shoots types are remarkably focused and strong-minded. Think about the incredible power that a tiny green shoot has; the way that it forces itself into the world and sometimes even has the ability to break through concrete in its desire to reach the light.

As a shoots type you are blessed with many wonderful qualities; you’re ambitious and dynamic, confident and independent. You have a powerful desire to succeed and excel in all that you do; you set your sights dizzyingly high because you know that if you work hard and push yourself with your astonishing drive then you can achieve anything.

Others envy your strong sense of purpose in life and you’re never happier than when you have a complicated task to undertake. You’re the natural leader in a group and you feel confident being in a position of authority. You generally have the energy and enthusiasm to carry on when others are fading but luckily also have boundless confidence and optimism which can motivate others to get involved in your schemes and dreams.

You’re competitive and you know it and love to use that to your advantage whenever you’re involved in sports or games.

You are naturally intelligent and have a logical mind; you also have a deep rooted persistence that fuels your determination and when it comes to obstacles, you rarely let anything get in the way of reaching your goal.

All these are strong and positive qualities and when you’re in balance and not too stressed out (which for shoots types means impossibly over stressed!) they work well for you.

However, when you’re under more pressure than you find comfortable they can work against you. Your passion and drive can be seen by others as aggression and they may feel you are domineering. You’re quick to anger and can become impatient and irritable when others don’t immediately understand what you want or go along with what you suggest.

You can very often be your worst enemy when you’re stressed; you have the charm, the drive and the ideas but your inability to stay calm and express those thoughts stand in the way of you getting what you want, which, of course, frustrates you even further.

In balance, all these strong qualities work to help and support you – the sky is the limit where shoots types are concerned, however, you may be surprised to know that one of the most beneficial things you can do to regain that sense of vitality is the thing you avoid most: rest!

A key wellbeing issue for shoots types may be stomach related; sleeplessness may also be a concern.

Investigate the traditional healing power of herbs either in a tea or tincture. To combat those sleepless nights when your mind is working overtime plotting and planning your next move, try chamomile, a natural soporific which will help you let go of those thoughts that wake you up and instead give you the deep natural sleep that your body and mind need.

Shoots types need to be soothed and take time to unwind. Relaxation is at the very heart of their journey to regaining their vitality and achieving balance. The exhaustion that they feel is very often physical rather than emotional yet the one thing that they need – relaxation – is the one thing that they find most difficult to allow themselves to experience.

As a shoot type you can benefit greatly from aromatherapy which has a profound effect upon our senses, working swiftly to spread feelings of calm by gently relaxing your stressed body and overwrought mind. Lavender essential oil encourages the body to take a deep breath and unwind; bergamot helps your mind let go and give in to that necessary relaxation.

To gain that essential rest that you need as a shoots type, look to re-balance your world with gentle contemplative pursuits. Try hatha yoga; this slow meditative form of yoga will leave your mind little time to race as it concerns itself instead with breathing and discovering the right way for your body to naturally find different poses.

Shoots types respond swiftly to medicines that are based on the principals of energy like homoeopathy or acupuncture; you may be surprised at what a profound effect such treatments can have on your life and how well your body responds to them.


  • Description excerpted from the booklet Understanding Vitality by Susan Curtis.