Health Tips

Eat beautiful – whatever your age

It’s a fact that our skin ages, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep it looking as fresh and line-free as possible with help from the foods we eat.

The health benefits of a hot bath

A hot bath burns calories, helps control blood sugar and keeps your blood vessels healthy. What’s not to like?

Health Check: four reasons to have another cup of coffee

If you like coffee there are reasons to be cheerful – and reasons to be cautious. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits and risks of one of the world’s favourite drinks.

Natural treatments for acne

From honey face masks to essential oil massage blends, facial steams and compresses – here are some of our favorite alternatives ot help keep your skin clear.

Bribing kids to eat vegetables is not sustainable – here’s what to do instead

If your kids are not eating all the vegetables they should be, here are some tips to get your picky eaters into lifelong healthy eating habits.

Lutein protects the brain as well as the eyes

Decades of research show that lutein can delay or prevent age related macular degeneration – but new evidence shows the brain needs it to stay young as well.

Here’s what to eat to recover from an injury

If your renewed fitness regime has left you with an injury, you may need more, and more nutrition-packed, calories to help you heal.

The ‘fast five’ immune boosters

Taking care of yourself at any time of year is mostly a matter of common sense. Here’s our top 5 quick tips for staying well at any time of the year.

Why frequent dieting makes you put on weight – and what to do about it

Fat-loving microbes in the gut could be at the heart of the frustrating yo-yo effect of weight loss and weight gain. The solution? Take care of your gut to take care of your waistline!

You’ve been sold a myth about sports drinks – and it could be slowing you down

There’s little evidence that sports drinks hydrate you better than water – and they could do more harm than good.