Photo of Owen Paterson

GM in the UK? Great speech, shame about all the lies

UK environment secretary Owen Paterson’s speechwriter deserves a pay rise – and a spot in the George Orwell Hall of Propaganda

NO GMO photo

Genetically modified failures

The multiple failures of geneically modified crop technology show it’s simply not fit for purpose and has no place in the future of our food system

Photo fo Bt corn

GM crops are outwitted by nature as insect resistance grows

Insects are rapidly developing resistance to the toxins in genetically engineered Bt corn, say scientists

Photo of SRI rice

Feeding the world without GMOs

Natural plant breeding techniques are vastly improving rice yields for some of the world’s poorest people – who needs risky GMOs!

Non-GMO Project logo

GM labelling – if the Government won’t do it, do it yourself

It’s more important than ever for each of us to take action in support of a safe food supply – enter the Non-GMO Project

Photo of a stack of newspapers

UK media – a conspiracy of silence over GM health risks

Why did BBC-TV, the Guardian, the Times, The Independent amongst others ignore a recent study linking GM corn to cancer?

Photo of researchers with genetically modified corn

Where’s the proof that GM food is safe to eat?

Genetically modified food has caused illness in several animal species – why should humans be the exception?

Photo of genetically modified corn

Genetically modified foods – don’t believe the hype

GM hasn’t gone away – it’s just made a tactical retreat. We must remain vigilant and keep it out of farming and food