Brave new world: what you need to know about gene-edited farm animals

New genetic engineering technologies have gathered pace in recent years.Now, without most people being aware of it, genetic engineering is spreading from the crops in the field to the animals in the barn.

Genetically engineered farm animals: Regulators rush to keep consumers in the dark

In the rush to get GMO animals on the menu, regulators are failing to consider consumer preferences as well as the potential risks to the animals and those who consume their meat, milk and eggs.

FDA ordered to come clean about GMO salmon

The US FDA has been ordered to release previously withheld information related to its controversial decision to approve genetically engineered salmon for human consumption.

Phot of GM Corn

Revealed: GMO food should never have come to market

A new book by a US public interest attorney tells the story of corruption and deceit which brought GMOs to market in America – and as a result the world

Letter from America logo

Living with GMOs – A Letter from America

A powerfully written plea from US citizens to citizens in the UK and the rest of Europe to avoid planting – and eating – GMOs.

Photo of EC Chief Scientific Advisor Anne Glover

Peddling GMOs to Africa: EU Chief Scientist faces sharp criticism

Anne Glover is coming under sustained criticism for her claims about the safety and necessity of GM food

Photo of genetically modified purple tomatoes

Slicing through the health hype on GM purple tomatoes

Health claims for the latest crop of GM tomatoes – which cost £900,000 of EU taxpayers’ money to develop – are all hot air and hype

Photo of an ear of genetically modified maize

Now industry wants GMO foods be labelled “natural”

It sounds crazy…and it is! In the US biotech companies are pressuring the government to label genetically modified foods as ‘natural’

Photo of tumours on a rat fed GMO corn

Have we been misled by Seralini’s GMO health risks study?

A scientific journal’s withdrawal of the widely publicised study by Professor GE Séralini won’t make the findings of chronic toxicitiy and tumours go away

illustration of DNA

Why do we keep banging on about GM?

The issue of GM may seem remote or removed from our health and our daily lives, but it isn’t. What we do now about GM has a direct effect on the kind of future we can expect to be living