20 September, 2011

Acupressure is an ancient healing technique that has been used in Eastern countries for thousands of years.

It is founded on similar principles as acupuncture, believing that imbalances in our body’s vital life energy, Chi, are at the root cause of ill health. Acupressure is a gentle, non-invasive treatment where pressure is applied to specific points along our meridians (energy channels) to balance Chi and restore good health.

What conditions is it used for?

Because of its gentle nature acupressure it is often useful where acupuncture may not be appropriate, i.e. the very young, very elderly or fragile; and for those who have difficulty with needles. Acupressure often has a calming effect; it has been used to help reduce pain during labour and long-term and chronic pain conditions.

People also seek out acupressure for many other conditions including hormonal and menstrual problems; head, shoulder and back pain; circulatory problems; fatigue and digestive disorders.

What to expect

Remaining clothed you will lie on a couch or sit in a chair whilst your practitioner applies pressure to your body, stimulating specific acupoints. The treatment aims to remove tensions held in your body and is often experienced as deeply relaxing.