Zero balancing

20 September, 2011

Zero balancing is a gentle, yet powerful, hands-on method of balancing body energy with body structure.

It was developed in 1975 by Dr. Fritz Smith, an osteopath, physician and acupuncturist wanting to integrate the Western scientific approach with Eastern healing methods. Treatment aims to restore a smooth energy flow throughout the body, paying particular attention to the ‘foundation’ (shock absorbing) joints.

What conditions is it used for?

Zero balancing encourages natural realignment of the body and better posture and is an effective and gentle way of dealing with accumulated stress in the body and the mind. It can remove causes of pain in the body and increase flexibility, range and performance. Zero balancing can benefit people who have experienced trauma, abuse or prolonged pain, helping them to reclaim their bodies.

What to expect

After giving a short health history you will lie on your back, remaining fully clothed. Your practitioner will use finger pressure and held stretches to invite the release of tension accumulated in the body. Zero balancing promotes a deep state of relaxation and it is common to feel rested and revitalised after the first session. It is recommended that you have three sessions to begin with, and then decide what frequency of treatments will best suit you.