Alexander Technique

20 September, 2011

The Alexander Technique focuses on re-establishing the natural connection between the back, neck and head in order to help bring about a renewed sense of co-ordination and self-awareness.

The therapy aims to help address often long-standing postural habits, patterns of movement, muscular tensions and breathing problems, which can have a negative impact on our ability to recover from injury, aches and pains and to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

What conditions is it used for?

The Alexander Technique has been used to treat back problems, improve stamina, conditions such as respiratory problems and help those who experience panic attacks; it aims to support one’s emotional wellbeing and help bring clarity, calm and confidence to those who adopt its techniques.

It is suitable for a wide range of people including chronic pain sufferers, athletes, performers and public speakers. The Alexander Technique is also considered a safe and effective treatment when used on children and during pregnancy.

What to expect

The Alexander Technique is a subtle discipline which involves the use of gentle hands-on guidance and instruction.  It is delivered in one-to-one lessons, the number of which required depending on the individual’s specific needs.  During the lesson, you may be required to adopt a semi-supine position in order to allow for back support.  The Technique itself allows the individual to practise it whenever and wherever he/she wishes as there are no specific exercises or equipment required.