Naturopathy/Naturopathic nutrition

20 September, 2011

Our bodies function best when we avoid refined or toxic foods and eat only those foods which are completely natural.

Naturopaths suggest different natural diets (mainly using organic, unrefined foods and juices) for different conditions to restore the body’s ability to heal itself. Naturopathy is a diet and lifestyle programme to nourish and heal the body and is often used in conjunction with hydrotherapy and osteopathy. This is a complete health system concerned with healing the whole person. Treatments may involve a combination of herbal medicines, flower remedies and diet and lifestyle changes. One of the vital roles of your naturopath is to educate you about why disease can occur and how to maintain improved health after treatment.

What conditions is it used for?

Naturopathy can help with many specific problems and can enhance your health if you simply feel below par.

Conditions involving hormones, fertility, digestion, skin, circulation, immunity and energy levels can all respond well. Seeing a qualified practitioner gives you the opportunity to discuss your condition with a professional with years of training and experience.

What to expect

Your naturopath will ask you about your present symptoms, any past problems, general diet and lifestyle. They may also use iridology, look at your tongue, nails and general appearance. They will carefully consider all of this information to arrive at the most appropriate form of treatment. Naturopathy views poor diet as one of the major causes of disease and your naturopath will advise a balanced, nutritious diet tailored to your individual needs and tastes. Other treatments may include herbal medicines, flower remedies and suggested lifestyle changes.