Book review: Once upon a cook

Nutritionist Izabella Natrins new book is call to care where your food comes from and become a more conscious and much healthier eater.

Winter roots and beans soup

This flavoursome and warming homemade soup is made with seasonal vegetables and pulses and is packed with nutrients and plenty of fibre.

Turmeric latte

More than just a ‘hipster’ drink, ‘golden milk’ provides curcumin – a powerful antioxidant, comparable to vitamins C and E. Here’s a delicious way to get more.

Aubergine, potato and chickpea balti

If you like warming, spicy foods you will love this satisfying and nourishing dish.

Creamy pea and cashew soup

Fresh peas make an excellent and seasonal creamy soup that has a fresher taste than if you use traditional dried peas.

Warm new potato and asparagus salad

New potatoes and asparagus are at the peak of their season now and they blend beautifully to make a nourishing and satisfying light meal.

Wasabi pea fritters

If you want a mouthful of something light that still packs a flavour punch, these little fritters are the answer.

Hot & sour soup

Hot & sour soup is usually meat based – but it doesn’t have to be; the key here is plenty of flavour and warming spices. Here’s our exotic Wednesday recipe for National Vegetarian Week.

Jerk-style cauliflower steaks

Cauliflower is a versatile vegetable that absorbs marinades well and, when roasted retains a satisfying ‘bite’. Try this beautifully seasoned surprise as a vegetarian main meal.

Sweet potato sag aloo

It’s National Vegetarian Week and we’ll be adding a recipe a day to our site to encourage you to break out of your food rut. This spicy sweet potato delight is from a new cookbook by TV chefs the Hairy Bikers.