Body stress therapy

20 September, 2011

This is a gentle procedure to locate and release areas of stress in the body.

While you lie fully clothed, your practitioner carries out a series of tests, watching the reaction of muscles to indicate the exact location of tension. Light, precise stimulation is then used to encourage the body to release the stored tension, in order to relieve associated symptoms including backache, headaches, postural distortions or fatigue.

What conditions is it used for?

Anyone can benefit from Body Stress Release including the very young and elderly. By freeing areas of stress it is said that Body Stress Release aids overall well-being and can increase energy levels, supporting the body in its natural inclination to health. It may help both physical manifestations of stress such as sciatica, back pain and headaches and also have emotional benefits.

What to expect

Your practitioner will ask you to lie down fully clothed. They will apply light pressure to various points on your body to test your muscles and locate your sites of body stress. They will work to free these areas by applying a light, definite stimulus in the precise direction of the lines of tension. This is aimed at activating the nerve impulses in the muscles and releasing compression. Practitioners will normally recommend that recently acquired stress will release in one or two sessions, more long term and chronic stress may require longer treatment.