Chinese herbal medicine

20 September, 2011

Chinese herbal medicine (CHM), used for over 3000 years, aims to strengthen our body’s vitality.

CHM is founded on the belief that our body’s essential life force, Chi, consists of equal and opposite qualities, Yin and Yang. If these qualities become imbalanced illness may occur. CHM aims to restore this balance and support our Chi, returning us to health.

What conditions is it used for?

Chinese herbs can be used by people of any age or constitution. They work particularly well in conjunction with acupuncture. CHM can help with a range of symptoms including menstrual and hormonal problems, infertility, allergies, migraine, skin conditions, depression etc. CHM helps to support and strengthen the immune system and herbs can be prescribed to help fight infection or to help disorders of the immune system.

What to expect

Your herbalist will use traditional Chinese diagnostic techniques which will include them looking at the appearance of your tongue and feeling the quality of your pulse as well as taking a full case history. They will then prescribe herbs which may taste unusual at first, but most people soon get used to them.

Members of RCHM (The register of Chinese Herbal Medicine) have a strict policy forbidding the use of any type of endangered species of wild plants or animals. After the initial session follow on treatments will normally be suggested at intervals of 2-6 weeks to monitor your progress and adjust the herbs if necessary.