Facial rejuvenation massage

20 September, 2011

Facial rejuvenation is a combination of Indian Face Massage and other healing techniques including acupressure used on the head, face and neck in order to provide a natural facelift.

Using massage to release tension in the facial muscles and stimulate circulation is a non-invasive treatment that can help to remove impurities, relax and improve appearance.

What conditions is it used for?

Facial rejuvenation can help improve the complexion, remove impurities from the face, prevent and reduce facial expression lines and wrinkles and may also help relieve stress symptoms such as insomnia, headaches and eyestrain.

What to expect

Your therapist will take a consultation to discuss your personal requirements and create a treatment specific to your needs.  The massage stimulates blood circulation to improve appearance of the skin, and lymphatic drainage helping to eliminate toxins and promote the supply of nutrients to the skin. Some therapists may use plant oils to help glide over the skin and hair during the massage and acupressure routine.