20 September, 2011

Present day problems find their origins in early childhood experiences and problems. These are unearthed during psychotherapy.

Through seeing the habitual patterns he or she is stuck in the client has a chance to change these for the better. As in counselling, a good psychotherapist will not offer solutions but help his client to find his or her own.

What conditions is it used for?

Anyone can benefit from psychotherapy. We all go through difficult, confusing times when it can often be hard to talk to those closest to us. Psychotherapy can help with relationship difficulties, low self esteem, illness, bereavement and loss. It is also a useful aid at times of change such as the menopause, retirement or pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

What to expect

Your psychotherapist will listen to you attentively and objectively without judging or criticism. They will tailor the sessions to suit your individual needs and work at a pace that suits you. Confidentiality will be observed by your psychotherapist at all times.