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Pet products add to high levels of neonics in UK waterways

A recent survey reveals that the UK’s streams and rivers are suffering high levels of neonicotinoid pollution – some of which is due to agriculture, and some of which is due to high use of neonics in pet products.

Turmeric shows benefits in lowering LDL cholesterol

Pooled evidence from several trials suggests that regularly consuming turmeric, or its active constituent curcumin, could help lower some of the risk factors for heart disease.

Melatonin – more than just a sleep remedy?

New evidence suggests that the hormone, known for its benefits in resetting the body clock and aiding sleep, may also have applications in diseases like Alzheimer’s.


Turmeric latte

More than just a ‘hipster’ drink, ‘golden milk’ provides curcumin – a powerful antioxidant, comparable to vitamins C and E. Here’s a delicious way to get more.


True happiness isn’t about being happy all the time

Leading a happier life involves a lot more than just shying away from pain, misery or distress; it’s about accepting our humanity and individual growth through finding meaning.

Health Tips:

Five reasons why we overeat

Stop eating when you are full; it sounds so simple but studies show that lots of things can distract us from how much we are actually eating.


Yoga in the workplace can reduce back pain and sickness absence

Employers should be encouraged to provide yoga programmes for staff in order to support health, well-being and general productiveness.