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Consumer products match cars as sources of air pollution

Everyday products such as shampoo, lotions, cleaning products and paint now contribute as much to urban air pollution as emissions from vehicles, say researchers.

Cancer link with ultra-processed foods revealed

People whose diets are high in “ultra-processed” foods may also have a significantly higher risk of cancer, according to a major new study.

Pro-inflammatory diet linked to higher risk of bowel cancer

A diet high in foods known to cause inflammation could increase the risk for colorectal cancer by about one-third, according to a recent study.

Health Tips:

Want to lose weight? Ditch your non-stick pans

People with the highest levels of perfluorinated chemicals in the bodies may find it hard to lose weight and may regain weigh more quickly after weight loss. So how do we avoid them?


The secret to creativity – according to science

Imagination is what propels us forward as a species, but can you train yourself to become more imaginative? The an answer, it seems, is yes.


FDA ordered to come clean about GMO salmon

The US FDA has been ordered to release previously withheld information related to its controversial decision to approve genetically engineered salmon for human consumption.


Why boredom can be good for you

Winnie the Pooh understood the importance of allowing your mind to wander – and the science agrees. It’s time we all found the time to daydream.