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Black seed and honey mixture treats indigestion

A mainstay of traditional Persian medicine, black seed has properties that can help fight stomach upset and infection, say researchers.

Simple suggestions for healthy digestion

If you are prone to indigestion there are lots of simple tips and natural remedies that you can try to help soothe your stomach

Photo of fennel seeds spilling out of a jar

Herbal relief: Improving digestion

Keeping the digestive system in good working order is essential to our well-being; here’s some herbs that can help

Photo of a cup of peppermint tea

Indigestion – everyday herbs that help

The world of herbs gives us lots of different ways to soothe the burning and bloating that can come with indigestion

Photo of a glass of peppermint tea

Medicinal cookery for healthy digestion

Dale Pinnock gives advice and a useful recipe for using medician cookery to soothe digestive problems

Açaí fruit feeds a healthy gut

Açai, the small palm fruit from the Brazilian amazon, is very rich in antioxidants which can survive the digestive process intact, to become a prebiotic food for beneficial gut bacteria.

Can mums trust what is in infant formula?

A new international investigation has revealed a shocking lack of science behind the infant formula ranges sold by baby milk companies.

Omega-3 linked to better gut health

Move over probiotics…getting more omega-3 as part of a healthy diet has been shown to improve the diversity of the gut microbiome too.

Processing can make plant-based foods less healthy

A fascinating new study shows how processing methods, such as finely grinding almonds to make a flour additive, can potentially turn a healthy food into an less healthy one.

What happens to your body when you’re stressed

These are stressful times and stress can cause physiological and emotional havoc in your body. Many of the ‘coping strategies’ we use only make it worse so learn to manage your stress, before it manages you.

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