Photo of three candles
To ensure a good night's sleep, make a peaceful space or yourself [Image: Andrew Smithson - Wikimedia Commons]

A luxurious recipe for beauty sleep

11 November, 2011

It’s that time of year again, the clocks go back, you feel disoriented and you are in desperate need of some beauty sleep. Here’s a simple way to ensure a wonderful dreamy night’s sleep.

First of all set the scene. Make time for yourself a priority. Light a candle (or three, or more!)  Run a warm bath and add your own luxurious bath oil using this recipe. You’ll need 250ml of a  good quality base oil, or a neutral dispersible bath oil – or you can just use 250ml, half a cup, of whole milk. Add to this:

  • Ylang ylang 30 drops
  • Cypress 20 drops
  • Sweet orange 20 drops
  • Clary sage 10 drops
  • Patchouli 20 drops

Relax, letting the essential oils clear your mind and still your heart. Fall into bed and sleep the best night’s sleep.