A photo of the echinacea plant
Echinacea is one of our top 10 herbal remedies because of its valuable immune boosting properties

Herbal remedies – 10 of the best

12 September, 2011

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Siberian Ginseng – vitality herb for men and women

Siberian ginseng is a somewhat milder stimulant than Panax ginseng, with a more limited range of uses. It has been used primarily for fatigue and to stimulate the immune system and has been the subject of more than 2000 human studies- most of them in the former Soviet Union.

It is what is known as an adaptogenic herb which means that it can help the body cope with adverse physical conditions such as heat, noise, motion, stress and exertion. It has also been shown to increase mental alertness.


The standard dose of the fluid extract of Siberian ginseng is 2 to 4 mls, up to three times daily. It is important to take periodic breaks when taking ginseng. Herbalists recommend a 2 to 3 week interval between each 60-day course.

Take care

Siberian ginseng is virtually non-toxic but in rare instances can produce adverse effects including insomnia, irritability, melancholy and anxiety. If you experience any of these symptoms while taking this herb discontinue use.


  • Adapted from What Works, What Doesn’t: The guide to alternative healthcare by Pat Thomas. See here for details.