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Holding hands can help ease pain

Holding the hand of a loved one in pain could significantly reduce their suffering, due to a combination of brainwave synchronisation and empathy.

Added ingredients make pesticide formulations more toxic

The added ingredients in pesticide formulations can make the mixture many times more toxic, but regulators aren’t testing for this effect say UK scientists.

Skin’s natural bacteria protects against cancer

The skin microbiome is increasingly seen as important to human health; now scientists say that a bacteria commonly found on the skin may help prevent UV induced skin cancer.


Six common misconceptions about meditation

The real power of meditation is still unexplored and unharnessed, but one thing we know is: there’s far more to meditation that sitting peacefully with crossed legs.

Q and A:

Q&A: What are the best essential oils for coughs?

Essential oils are a simple and affordable treatment to help soothe the throat, break up mucous and reduce inflammation.


Why nutritional psychiatry is the future of mental health treatment

Research shows that putting an emphasis on healthy diet, targeted supplements and probiotics provides a hopeful way forward in treating mental health issues.


The people versus glyphosate

A David vs Goliath battle in the US courts as thousands allege cancer link.