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Broccoli has protective effects on the brain

When our parents told us to eat our broccoli because it was good for us, they were right – especially when it comes to brain health and memory.

Five brain-boosting reasons to take up martial arts – at any age

Martial arts practices range from the more gentle and meditative, to the combative and physically intensive – but all have benefits for body and mind.

Too much sitting is bad for the brain

New evidence shows sitting for long periods can be bad for the mind as well as the body, linking it with memory problems in middle-aged and older adults.

Early exposure to thyroid-disrupting chemicals harms babies’ brains

Toxic chemicals in every day items such as food, cosmetics and plastics can disrupt the maternal thyroid hormones in pregnant women, essential for normal brain development of children.

Daily serving of leafy greens keeps your brain young

A new study has found that eating one serving of leafy green vegetables daily can preserve memory and thinking skills and significantly slow brain ageing over time.

Exercise gives you a bigger brain

Regular aerobic exercise increases the size of the left region of the hippocampus, an area of the brain critical for memory, a new analysis reveals.

Why the clocks changing are great for your brain

Daylight savings is a topic that divides people for all kinds of reasons, but the clocks going back may have real benefits for sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Yoga keeps your brain going strong

Regular practice of yoga can improve the structure of areas of the brain associated with attention and memory, suggesting that yoga could help protect against cognitive decline in old age.

Get some brain support from cocoa and chocolate

Ageing has some benefits! The older you get the more of a brain and memory boost you get from a regular daily intake of flavonol-rich dark chocolate.

How walking benefits the brain

A new study has shown that walking has an ‘hydraulic effect’ on the body can help regulate blood flow to the brain aiding both health and a sense of well being.

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