Capture your ideas before they fly away. [Photo: Bigstock]

Change your life: Capture your ideas

13 October, 2014

Ideas are precious.

They are to be kept, treasured and nurtured.

You know how it is. You have a fantastic idea, but you’re rush­ing somewhere, or you’re simply too busy and you don’t get a chance to write it down and then it vanishes like a dream at the moment of waking.

As a writer, I have, for many years, adopted the habit of having a small notebook which I carry everywhere with me. You just never know when you’ll overhear a snippet of a conversation or see a drama unfold before you which might come in handy for a story at some point in the future.

“Your happiness depends on three things, all of which are within your power; your will, your ideas concerning the events in which you are involved, and the use you make of your ideas.” — Epicetus

So here’s your tip for this week. Buy yourself a book where you can store each and every idea you think of. It will need to be instantly accessible, yet small enough to carry around with you. Maybe you’ll have two – one for the home or office and one for when you’re out and about. I’ve been told – though I don’t know if it’s true – that Richard Branson has eight!

The thing about ideas is that even if they seem irrelevant or impossible at the time, they may very well leap into relevance months or even years later.

Capture your ideas. Don’t let them float away. You never know when you might need them.


  • Annabel Sutton is a Professional Certified Coach and Author.  She has lived in Los Angeles and Indonesia; survived earthquakes and riots, lived with head-hunters and enjoyed a portfolio career.  She now enjoys a somewhat quieter life in Somerset!  Her latest book, 52 Ways to Transform Your Life (Weekly Wisdom for Busy People), contains 52 inspiring, quick-to-read life tips and is available from . Find more information at