photo illustrating a priorities checklist
What will you have to do differently in order to make room for some or all the things on your list?

Change your life: Priorities

15 September, 2014

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the whirlpool of day-today living that we lose sight of those things we truly love to do.

Those things that are intrinsically ‘us’, that we feel passionate about, that make us naturally happy – content – excited – full of energy.

To re-connect with what some of these things might be, get yourself a pen and a piece of paper and then ask yourself this question:

“If money were not a consideration, how would I choose to spend my time?”

Write down the first ten things that come to mind.

“How many people on their deathbed wish they’d spent more time at the office?” — Stephen Covey

How many of these things are you doing on a regular basis?

Clearly, I’m not suggesting that making a living is not important – or that you give up your work.

What I AM suggesting is that if you feel you’ve lost sight of what you really love to do – then perhaps some re-prioritising might be in order.

What will you have to do differently in order to make room for some or all of the things on your list?


  • Annabel Sutton is a Professional Certified Coach and Author.  She has lived in Los Angeles and Indonesia; survived earthquakes and riots, lived with head-hunters and enjoyed a portfolio career.  She now enjoys a somewhat quieter life in Somerset!  Her latest book, 52 Ways to Transform Your Life (Weekly Wisdom for Busy People), contains 52 inspiring, quick-to-read life tips and is available from . Find more information at