Measuring blood pressure
Try some simple methods for lowering blood pressure [Image: Pia von Lützau - Wikimedia Comons]

Q&A: Lowering blood pressure

11 November, 2011

Q – My latest check-up showed that I have slightly elevated blood pressure. I’m worried because I’ve always tried to take good care of myself. Can you suggest any ways to help lower it naturally?


A – Many cases of high blood pressure are related to lifestyle and improvements to diet (reducing salt and avoiding saturated fats) and measures to reduce stress should always be considered, a number of different therapies can help you with this including naturopathy and homoeopathy. Caffeine and smoking should also be avoided.

There are several herbs that have been proven in clinical trials to be effective at reducing high blood pressure. The best known of these is hawthorn – the leaves contain a high concentration of procyanidins (flavonoid compounds) that help to normalise blood pressure.

Other useful herbs include limeflowers, motherwort and yarrow. To treat high blood pressure, and especially where prescribed medication is being taken, you should seek professional advice from a qualified herbalist.

Certain essential oils will also help to reduce high blood pressure, and a blend of lavender, melissa and ylang ylang can be used for massage or in the bath, although best results will come from a regular aromatherapy massage by a qualified aromatherapist.