Photo of diferent types of hen's eggs
The best nutrients in an egg are found in the yolk

The incredible, edible egg

11 November, 2013

It’s time we put Humpty Dumpty back up on his high wall.

The humble hen’s egg is one of Nature’s best multivitamin and mineral “supplements”, and the vast majority of its nutrition is found in the yolk!

Most of the protein in the egg white is designed to protect the developing chick from bacteria and viruses and if eaten raw is actually an anti‐nutrient that prevents absorption of many essential vitamins and minerals.

As you might expect, free range hen’s eggs have been shown to be significantly higher in nutrients than commercially raised eggs

Free range is best

A test in 2007 found that, compared with caged eggs, free range eggs were found to be:

  • 22 times higher in omega 3 fats
  • 8 times higher in beta‐carotene
  • 4 times higher in vitamin E
  • 1.6 times higher in vitamin A
  • 35% lower in cholesterol
  • 23% lower in saturated fat

I am particularly fond of speciality breed hen’s eggs like Burford Brown and Old Cotswold Legbar, but feel free to branch out and try duck, quail, turkey, or even ostrich eggs (well, if you’re having a party…). They are all excellent sources of nutrition.