How to get rid of head lice without spending loads of money

New rules in the UK prevent GPs from routinely prescribing pesticide treatments for headlice – thankfully there are lots of more natural remedies at hand.

Detox de-bunked: Detoxing naturally for the long-term win

Our health is our wealth. Detoxing for the long-term win is a 365, 24/7 natural process of optimising our diet and lifestyle – not a periodic quick-fix.

Growing evidence that noise is bad for your health

New guidelines on noise pollution from the World Health Organization emphasise the many ways in which environmental noise affects the body.

Glyphosate residues found in UK family cereal products

A small sampling of oat-based cereals in the UK has found worrying levels of the herbicide glyphosate in four family cereal brands.

Staying well – your respiratory system

A new book – Neal’s Yard Remedies Complete Wellness – gives head to toe advice on natural remedies to help you stay well. Check out these top tips for keeping coughs and colds at bay.

Household cleaning products could be making children overweight

A sanitised environment can mean fewer helpful bacteria and that has some surprising consequences for the health of children.

Potatoes are out of favour – but they have strong roots in a healthy lifestyle

The potato has all the requirements to form part of a healthy balanced diet; so what has the humble spud done to fall so far out of food favour?

Probiotics branded ‘useless’: but what’s the truth?

A recent study concluded that probiotics had no health benefits, but what did the researchers – an more importantly, the press reports that followed fail to understand?

The lifesaving power of gratitude (or, why you should write that thank you note)

Practising grattude can improve life satisfaction, increase happy feelings and reduce symptoms of depression.

Clean your home with essential oils

You don’t have to wait until spring to give your home a good clean and making your own cleaners using essential oils is an uplifting way of keeping your cleaning regime natural.