Uncovered: an unexpected source of superbugs

Disturbing new evidence shows that waste from pharmaceutical drug manufacture in developing countries is adding to the global problem of multi-drug resistant bacteria.

Scientists speak out: Exposure to toxic chemicals threatens human reproduction and health

An international consortium of scientists and doctors say it’s time for health professionals across the globe to step up and advocate for a cleaner, healthier environment.

photo of beakers of chemicals

The natural history of toxic chemicals

The bad news? It can take 30 years from the emergence of a toxic chemical to seeing it finally withdrawn. The good news? Public engagement can speed the process up!

Mood shot of old fashioned chemical bottles

Unacceptable Levels – the chemical burden on our bodies

Film maker Ed Brown talks about the journey of discovery that led to the making of his forthcoming film Unacceptable Levels – the story of toxic chemicals in our environment

The Precautionary Principle – a common sense approach to toxic chemicals

“Better safe than sorry”, “Look before you leap” – that’s the Precautionary Principle approach to toxins

View of Stockholm

A national plan for a toxin-free everyday environment

The Swedish government has laid down the gauntlet on environmental toxins – will the UK take up the challenge?