Thai massage

20 September, 2011

Thai massage has strong links with the traditional Buddhist system of healing which believes that disturbances in the flow of energy through the body results in dis-ease.

Based on Ayurvedic principles and yoga asanas, this deep and thorough massage blends aspects of acupressure, passive yoga and joint manipulations to work on energy lines to stimulate the free flow of energy and release blocks throughout the whole body – including the internal organs – restoring balance and well-being. Thai Foot Massage employs the same principles but, like reflexology, concentrates on influencing the body through the feet.

What conditions is it used for?

Physically Thai massage can help improve circulation and thereby release toxins from the body.  It can help in improving posture, mobility and relieve tension helping reduce stress and increase relaxation.

What to expect

Your practitioner will begin by taking a consultation.  For this clothed treatment you should wear loose fitting clothes. This massage is generally done on a mat on the floor.