photo of crampbark berries

Herbal relief: Muscles & joints

Feeling achy? Here’s a handy chart of the herbs most commonly used to relieve joints and muscle pain.

Close up photo of oats in a field

Herbal relief: Skin and hair

Most skin problems require both internal and external approaches to healing; here’s some of our favourite herbal skin soothers

Photo of fennel seeds spilling out of a jar

Herbal relief: Improving digestion

Keeping the digestive system in good working order is essential to our well-being; here’s some herbs that can help

Photo of ginkgo biloba leaves on a black background

Herbal relief: Improving circulation

Check out our quick reference chart of herbal remedies to help support healthy circulation. First of a new series

Photo of fresh turmeric root

Turmeric – from the kitchen to the clinic

Turmeric contains potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds which may account for its many medicinal benefits

Close-up photo of a garlic bulb

Garlic – one of our most valuable medicinal herbs

No other herb has had as many culinary and medicinal uses throughout history – now science is confirming its multiple benefits

Rose and fennel seed oil

A rejuvenating and nourishing oil blend rich in gamma-linoleic-acid (GLA) to support health as we age.

Elderberries – the immune booster

Science is now affirming and powerful healing properties of the the berries – and flowers – of the elder tree.

Close up photo of chamomile flowers

Chamomile – the everyday healer

Chamomile has become so widely available we sometimes take for granted how useful it can be for a variety of health complaints

Photo of an aloe vera plant

Aloe vera – turning down the heat

The aloe plant has a long history of use for soothing burnt skin and helping to heal wounds and more besides