You’re eating microplastics in ways you don’t even realise

Drinking just a litre of bottled water a day could mean you are consuming more microplastics than you would from being an avid shellfish eater.

Your exposure to air pollution could be much higher than your neighbour’s – here’s why

Our individual environments at home, in transit and at work or school all substantially affect how much air pollution we are exposed to.

Pollution’s damaging effects on mental health

New evidence from the US suggests that air pollution – especially fine particulate matter – may be taking a toll on our mental as well as our physical health.

Pollution is the biggest threat to our health

A new report shows that pollution in our air, water, soil and at work is responsible for 16% of all deaths worldwide – and it’s totally unnecessary and preventable.

Global study reveals microplastics in tap water

More than 80% of tap water samples collected worldwide tested positive for microplastics, suggesting that these tiny pollutants are moving from our oceans to our freshwater supplies.

Plastic pollution – beyond cosmetic microbeads

Polyester and acrylic clothing sheds hundreds of thousands of plastic fibres each time it is washed – and guess where it ends up? A new perspective on what pollutes our oceans.

Air pollution is everyone’s health problem

A new report starkly sets out the dangerous impact that air pollution – both outside and inside the home – is currently having on our health in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

Cosmetic microbeads – the tiny toxins polluting our oceans

Microbeads – microscopic particles of plastic – are used widely in cosmetics and are now ubiquitous environmental pollutants