Will Switzerland lead the world in banning toxic pesticides in farming?

Switzerland is holding a landmark referendum that – if successful – would result in a total ban on all synthetic chemical pesticides.

Will the House of Commons now “do the right thing” and vote to protect rural residents from toxic pesticides?

At the end of last month there was an extraordinary vote in the House of Lords that saw the adoption of a vital amendment into the UK’s Agriculture Bill for the protection of rural residents and communities from the cocktails of toxic pesticides sprayed on UK crops. But will the House of Commons uphold that amendment?

Will the UK House of Lords “do the right thing” and vote in favour of protecting rural residents from toxic pesticides?

Crucial amendments to the UK Agriculture Bill are still being debated. UK pesticides campaigner Georgina Downs asks: Will the House of Lords do the right thing and vote in favour of finally protecting rural residents and communities from the cocktails of toxic pesticides sprayed on crops?

IARC answers key questions on cancer-causing glyphosate

In a recent Q&A statement the IARC – a World Health Organization agency – answered key questions about the toxicity of glyphosate which make it clear the herbicide should be banned

Zika – what’s the real story?

One little word, so much confusion. But new evidence suggests that it’s man-made insecticides, not the zika virus, that is causing an infant health crisis in Brazil.

Is Roundup killing our honeybees?

Evidence is growing of a link between the world’s most widely used herbicide – Roundup – and Colony Collapse Disorder in bees. Is there a human health threat too?

How “extreme levels” of Roundup in food became the industry norm

How have we come to a place where there is more of Monsanto’s Roundup in our food than there are essential nutrients?

Georgina Downs at the UK High Court in 2008

UK Government’s pesticides reform doesn’t go far enough

Proposed changes to pesticide risk assessments still fall short of securing the protection of people in the countryside from pesticides

Photo of Rachel Carson superimposed on the cover of Silent Spring

Are we facing another Silent Spring?

Fifty years after the publication of Silent Spring we are still campaigning for recognition of the harm caused by pesticides

Photo of the EU flag

Court decision could herald a reduction in pesticides in food

A recent and significant decision by the European Court means campaigners have the right to challenge unsound EU regulations