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FARM TO FORK: July 2013

We’re taking a bit of a break from our usual blog to get ready for the Trill Summer Festival – please join us on 27th & 28th of July for fun and food and tales around the campfire!

Photo of a radish and chvie flowers

FARM TO FORK: June 2013

In the garden at Trill Farm they’re making compost and sowing brassicas…in the kitchen there are two peppery, zesty radish salad recipes to try

Photo of spring herbs

FARM TO FORK: May 2013

Save our seeds! Help stop the EU’s proposed ban on heritage seeds – plus a delicious seasonal spring barley risotto recipe to try

FARM TO FORK: April 2013

The soil is beginning to dry out on the farm; but we’re still in the ‘hungry gap’ so Daphne has whipped up a frittata from foraged wood sorrel

FARM TO FORK: March 2012

Ashley ponders the sudden change from the quiet of winter to the excitement of spring as new planting begins & in the kitchen Daphne is making gorse wine.

Photo of Trill Farm, Devon

FARM TO FORK: February 2013

The winter break provides some time to think about the loss of traditional skills in farming, while Daphne is making good use of warming coriander in the kitchen

Photo of freshly prepared fruit juices

FARM TO FORK: January 2013

It may be cold outside, but Ashley and Kate are planting some new seeds of food sovereignty in the UK, while Daphne has mixed up some immune boosting fruit drinks

Close up photo of parsnips

FARM TO FORK: December 2012

The latest news our friends at Trill Farm and two wonderful, warming organic recipes from Daphne Lambert

Photo of Jerusalem artichokes

FARM TO FORK: November 2012

Summer salads are out; winter salads are in – and in the kitchen Daphne is whipping up a satisfying Jerusalem artichoke soup with homemade harissa

Photo of dried garlic at Trill Farm

FARM TO FORK: October 2012

Autumn has arrived on Trill Farm – a time to look back and plan forward and to cook up some delicious treats in the kitchen

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