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Seasonal allergies? Probiotics could help with that

New research shows a combination of probiotics might help reduce hay fever symptoms and improve quality of life for those suffering from mild seasonal allergies.

Early antibiotics link to kids’ food allergies

Antibiotic treatment within the first year of life is associated with an increase in the risk of developing food allergy, new research suggests.

High fibre diet, vitamin A could prevent allergies

New research suggests that the fibre and beta-carotene in bowl of bran and a handful dried apricots could be all that’s needed to keep allergies at bay.

Photo of a baby eating

Fish meals in infancy may help prevent allergies later on

Integrating fish into your child’s diet early on can reap health benefits, including less risk of eczema and hay fever, as they grow

Acupuncture brings significant relief for seasonal allergies

A course of acupuncture may help bring quick relief from seasonal allergies and a better prognosis over the longer-term

Close up photo of water comoing out of a tap

Are pesticides in water to blame for the rise in food allergies?

Food allergies are on the rise, and according to a new study a combination of pesticides and tap water could be partially to blame

Photo of a mother kissing her baby

Healthy fats in pregnancy protect against childhood allergies

Increasing your intake of healthy fats during pregnancy can help protect your child from atopic disorders like asthma and eczema

Photo looking up at a big tree

Get back to nature to reduce allergies and asthma

Too little contact with diverse natural environments is one reason why city dwellers are finding it harder and harder to breath easy, according to a new study

Photo of children playing in the sun

Natural, anthroposophic lifestyle means fewer allergies in children

New research confirms that children raised according to anthroposophical values of natural health have fewer allergies

A glass of milk

Foods with baked milk help ease dairy allergies

Parents may be able to help kids outgrow dairy allergies by slowly introducing foods with baked milk into their diets

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