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Add yoghurt to reduce heart disease risk

In people studied for three decades, more than two servings a week of yogurt led to an approximately 20% lower risk of major coronary heart disease or stroke.

16 February, 2018

Cancer link with ultra-processed foods revealed

People whose diets are high in “ultra-processed” foods may also have a significantly higher risk of cancer, according to a major new study.

15 February, 2018

Pro-inflammatory diet linked to higher risk of bowel cancer

A diet high in foods known to cause inflammation could increase the risk for colorectal cancer by about one-third, according to a recent study.

12 February, 2018

UK has the unhealthiest diet in Europe

More than half of the food eaten in UK households is ‘ultra-processed’ – a category of food that includes ready meals, biscuits, crisps, burgers and chicken nuggets, instant soups and noodles, ready-made pizzas and pies.

1 February, 2018

Big implications for how salt interacts with gut bacteria

Excess dietary salt interacts with common bacteria in the gut with implications for the development of not only hypertension but certain autoimmune diseases as well.

31 January, 2018

Which foods boost your mood? It depends on how old you are

Your mood can be linked the food you eat – and keeping your moods on an even keel may mean changing your diet to match your age.

16 January, 2018

Apples and tomatoes help heal the lungs

For ex-smokers, a diet rich in fruits such as apples and tomatoes could help restore lung damage caused by smoking.

9 January, 2018

Daily serving of leafy greens keeps your brain young

A new study has found that eating one serving of leafy green vegetables daily can preserve memory and thinking skills and significantly slow brain ageing over time.

5 January, 2018

Daily hot tea lowers glaucoma risk

Drinking a daily cup of hot tea is linked to a significantly lower risk of developing the serious eye condition, glaucoma.

19 December, 2017

Exercise benefits gut health independent of diet

Two new studies have shown that regular aerobic exercise can improve gut health, and therefore overall health, whether or not you change your diet.

12 December, 2017