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Skin’s natural bacteria protects against cancer

The skin microbiome is increasingly seen as important to human health; now scientists say that a bacteria commonly found on the skin may help prevent UV induced skin cancer.

12 March, 2018

Daffodil extract could help fight cancer

New research from Belgian scientists has shown that a natural alkaloid, extracted from daffodils, activates anti-tumour pathways in the body.

5 March, 2018

Cancer link with ultra-processed foods revealed

People whose diets are high in “ultra-processed” foods may also have a significantly higher risk of cancer, according to a major new study.

15 February, 2018

Pro-inflammatory diet linked to higher risk of bowel cancer

A diet high in foods known to cause inflammation could increase the risk for colorectal cancer by about one-third, according to a recent study.

12 February, 2018

More evidence connects gum disease with cancer

Two large scale studies, from the US and Finland, have shown that taking better care of your teeth could help reduce the risk of getting – and dying from – a range of cancers.

24 January, 2018

Diet can reduce adverse effects of breast cancer treatment

The quality of a woman’s diet, and especially her intake of cruciferous vegetables and phytoestrogen containing foods like soya, can lessen the adverse effects of treatment.

15 December, 2017

Breast cancer linked to bacterial imbalance

A new study shows that healthy breast tissue contains more of a ‘good’ bacteria called Methylobacterium, suggesting treatments such as probiotics could be a future prevention strategy.

12 October, 2017

Zinc can halt cancer cell growth

Zinc supplements can significantly inhibit the proliferation of esophageal cancer cells, according to a new study.

29 September, 2017

Tomatoes help protect against skin cancer

A diet rich in tomatoes could reduce your chances of getting non-melanoma skin cancer by up to half, according to new research.

2 August, 2017

Chemicals in hair dyes, straighteners raise breast cancer risk

More evidence of a link between use of certain hair products, such as dyes and relaxers, and a raised risk of breast cancer in women has been uncovered by US researchers.

31 July, 2017