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Common virus may be the trigger for celiac disease

Infection with a common but otherwise harmless virus, can trigger the immune system response to gluten that leads to celiac disease.

7 April, 2017

Seasonal allergies? Probiotics could help with that

New research shows a combination of probiotics might help reduce hay fever symptoms and improve quality of life for those suffering from mild seasonal allergies.

2 March, 2017

Kids with vitamin D deficiency more prone to asthma

Children who are deficient in vitamin D from birth are more likely to develop asthma and allergies within the first 10 years of life, according to new data.

8 November, 2016

More of us are avoiding perfumed people – and places

A new survey shows that more and more Americans are aware of fragrance sensitivity and are choosing to avoid businesses and other places where the air is ‘perfumed’.

26 October, 2016

Early antibiotics link to kids’ food allergies

Antibiotic treatment within the first year of life is associated with an increase in the risk of developing food allergy, new research suggests.

2 September, 2016

High fibre diet, vitamin A could prevent allergies

New research suggests that the fibre and beta-carotene in bowl of bran and a handful dried apricots could be all that’s needed to keep allergies at bay.

28 June, 2016

Hard water link to infant eczema

Living in a hard water area is associated with an up to 87% increased risk of eczema in very young children, according to a new study.

19 May, 2016
Photo of a women sneezing

Climate change gases make allergens more potent

If you think your seasonal allergies are getting worse, you could be right – and air pollution could be to blame

25 March, 2015
photo illustrating gluten sensitivity

There’s more to gluten sensitivity than coeliac disease

US scientists have shown in a new study that gluten sensitivity can cause uncomfortable symptoms even in the absence of coeliac disease

3 March, 2015
Photo of blueberries

Allergic reaction to antibiotic residues in foods? Watch out for what’s on your fruits and veggies

Even fruits and veggies can harbour antibiotic residues that can provoke allergic reaction, as a recent case study shows

4 September, 2014